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The Indigenous Mission (IM) is a non-political, non-governmental and non profit making organisation. And it is established with intention to promoting and planning for welfare and self sustainable development of the socio-economically backward tribal communities of Indigenous people in the Nation and mobilizing areas on developments of Educational, community Developments, Health and Socio-economic with a approach to advancement in developments of unstable pecuniary rural tribal Men & Women and Children especially focus on the rural poor by improving the knowledge, skills and attitude of rural people by & through Government and partnership with NGOs / NPOs, VOs and other Development Agencies.


Internet today is being used 24 / 7 and is accessible from every house. People are highly dependant on the internet for small and inconspicuous things like a pin or a paper. Today everything you need is achieved at the click of a button.


The website has now become the means of generating more information to the world today. Hence the board members of Indigenous Mission had decided to launch this official website to communicate with different social groups, NGOs / NPOs, VOs, Governement and general public etc. as a whole to share planning and activities to meet the objectives of Indigenous Mission.


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